Meet The Face


Halie Hulvey

Our store's manager came to Lafayette in 2019. Already working in the fashion industry, she was the perfect choice to join our team. In 2020, during the pandemic Halie was instrumental in keeping the doors open and helping by years end making 2020 a better year than 2019. During the pandemic Halie played a key role in helping develop and add ecommerce to the store, which helped increase 2021 store sales over 2020.  Early last year Halie became a full time employee and the official manager of the store, making many independent decisions to run the day to day. Along with running the day to day Halie is also our wedding expert helping with custom invitations and all other wedding needs and also handles all of our in house printing. Halie knows and understands the wants and needs of our many loyal and frequent customers, helping them with all of their personal shopping needs.  

Halie and her husband Trevor had baby Jude this past November and Halie is a beaming mother. You now will see a new model in our social feeds as Jude looks really good in all our brands.


Courtney Day

In May of 2021 after losing our artist we were so fortunate to have Courtney come into our life. While still teaching high school art, Courtney took on the task of all of our painting personalization. In 2022 after having her son Colter, her and her husband Blaine made the decision for her to stay home with Colter. This decision allowed for Courtney to take on a larger role at Two Tulips. 

Courtney and Blaine are waiting the arrival of their second child in September. We are all so excited for them and to break in another new model. 

Courtney and her mom also are providing Two Tulips with homemade treats from Mimi's (grandma's) family recipes including toffee which has been a staple here at Two Tulips for many years.




Julia Denhart,

After years of wanting to add a new element to the store, but never quite figuring out how, in drops Julia into our lives. After retiring as the longtime Central Catholic Athletic departments administrative manager, she was looking for a new chapter in her life. Boldly seeking us out at our friends birthday party, Julia and Carla talked and within a week Rush by Two Tulips was born. Carla and Julia are partners in this new venture of supplying Purdue and other Indiana universities their Sororities retail merchandise. Julia has jumped in head first and has not yet come up for air. If you haven't met her.... she is a ball of fire, never met a stranger and is the perfect person to interact with all of the young women in each of the houses. She treats each and every individual she meets like they are the most important person in her life. 

Lookout sororities in the South. Julia is working hard to put the Rush by Two Tulips on the map.

Julia is married to Allen and has 3 adult children.




Sydney Gick

With Halie going on Maternity leave last November, we needed someone part time to fill in the gaps in the work schedule. After posting the job on our social media, we received several inquiries, which is amazing, but one stood out immediately. Sydney already had Legacy with the Watkins family as she was Treyton's summer Nanny. Fast forward 10 years and Sydney is now married to Kyle and they have a daughter Leighton.

Sydney was thrown into the gauntlet of the holiday season and by years end was way beyond what we had ever hoped for, already working solo shifts and entering new product into the system. Sydney truly saved all of our sanity through that crazy season. 

There is defiantly something in the water at Two Tulips, as Sydney and Kyle are also expecting their sprinkle baby due in May. Baby models will now be a surplus at the store.