Collection: Derek Wolf Spices


Cooking with fire is one of the few things that makes us human. Everywhere you go in the world, you will find traditional recipes using similar ingredients for the same purpose: feeding the ones we love. My name is Derek Wolf, and I have been on a 3-year journey to find how cooking with fire brings people together. I started the page Over The Fire Cooking on Instagram to document this adventure. 


Along the way, I have met, worked, shared, and cooked with endless chefs & cooks from around the world that love cooking with fire. As my Instagram grew, we started writing recipes on my blog, doing how-to videos, cooking at live events and ultimately making a line of spices with Spiceology. My inspiration comes from my time living in West Texas. The endless flavors of the Latin American culture have propelled me to fall in love with robust, savory and spicy ingredients to make food that will be delicious when kissed by the flame. 


From South America to Nashville, I am determined to learn how every culture cooks with fire. Come join me on my journey. Through my eyes & taste buds, we will learn that cooking over a fire not only brings us together but perhaps might show us that we are not that different, to begin with.

Spices rubs and blends