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Derek Wolf Spices

Derek Wolf's Americana Line of spices

Derek Wolf's Americana Line of spices

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Tennessee Smoke

From Memphis BBQ to the Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee Smoke is my ode to my home state of Tennessee. Packed full of hickory smoke flavor and sweet bbq seasonings, you can add this to just about anything and make it delicious. Try it on Ribeyes, Brisket, Pork Chops, Chicken Wings, Venison, Elk or Salmon. It is the perfect all-purpose rub for those that want to add a sweet and smoky flavor to their food.

Chipotle Garlic

If you love Chipotle Garlic, you'll love this - same great blend, with a new look. 

After doing a small portion of my life in West Texas, I fell in love with the culture and food of Latin America. One of my favorite flavors is smoky & spicy Chipotle. My Chipotle Garlic rub is the summation of my time experiencing just that. The smoky spice of the chipotle combines with the tangy & earthy flavors of the garlic and other spices. This rub is an all-purpose blend that goes perfect on just about anything. Try it with Eggs, Pork Loin, Whole Chicken, Beef Short Ribs or anything you are cooking over fire.

Maple Bourbon

If you did not know, bourbon is my drink of choice for every occasion. The subtle sweet caramel notes combine so elegantly with food cooked over a fire. So why not make a rub? The Maple Bourbon rub is just that, sweet maple flavoring combined with all of the best that bourbon has to offer. Sprinkle some of this on your Pork Ribs, Pork Shoulder, Bacon, Chicken Wings, Scallops, Duck Breast, Quail or even on Popcorn. The subtle sweet & savory flavors will keep you coming back for more.

Southwest Chili

Hatch Chiles are one of the world's most wonderful flavors. Coming from Hatch, NM, these little tangy and spicy peppers are great flavors to add when cooking over live fire. My Hatch Chile rub is an ode to my endless love of the Southwest. It is packed full of dried hatch chiles, cumin, and citrus that is great for seasoning your food, adding to salsa or using in a marinade. Try this rub on your Eggs, Chicken Thighs, Pulled Pork, Shrimp Tacos, Salsa Verde, Mexican Stew, White Chicken Chili, all Enchiladas or even Steak. It’s fresh and tangy flavor pop when on the grill.

Nashville Hot Chicken

If you love sweet, spicy and savory, then you are going to love my Nashville Hot Chicken rub. Having lived most of my life in Nashville, its chicken is insane. Hot Chicken is more or less fried chicken in a spicy rub that will be combined with oil and drizzle over top of the chicken. While most Nashville Hot Chicken joints make extremely spicy blends, this rub is pretty moderate. You can try this rub the traditional way or go crazy with it on Shrimp, Salmon, Grilled Chicken, Turkey, Pork Ribs or add it to butter to top your steak.

Size: 20 oz

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