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Derek Wolf Spices

Derek Wolf's South American Inspired Rubs

Derek Wolf's South American Inspired Rubs

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Adobo Honey

In need of a sweet and spicy kick? This Adobo Honey blend is THE answer. Inspired by the flavors of Peru, this blend showcases the Peruvian Aji Amarillo, a medium heat pepper that is considered part of the Peruvian “holy trinity,” a mixture of garlic and red onion found in much of their cuisine. The heat is cooled with sweet honey flavor that quickly turns tangy from a dash of lime zest. This blend is perfect on a classic rotisserie chicken, baked sweet potatoes, braised pork, smoked salmon, grilled beef tenderloin or in a sauce for dipping.

Garlic Herb

One of the first things Derek learned about Argentinian cuisine is their love of garlic. And, this highly versatile rub is delivering the garlickiness. The flavor starts with… you guessed it… garlic… followed by oregano, parsley, tarragon and more. Leave it dry or add some oil to make it a fantastic marinade! This is the ideal rub for a spit-roasted leg of lamb, hanging chicken, garlicky chimichurri, pan-seared Patagonian shrimp, egg skillets or coal-roasted veggies.

Gaucho Steakhouse

This ode to South American fire cooking itself, takes its lead from the wild Gauchos (i.e. Cowboys) of the Brazilian plains. This blend combines uniquely South American flavors with a few Derek Wolf twists. The flavor starts with a hit of garlic, peppercorn and salt, followed by dried vegetables, like red bell pepper, to give a great texture and crunch to your dish. This is a perfect blend for ANY cut of steak, like churrasco picanha, dirty ribeyes or hanging prime rib. It’s also amazing on skewered chicken breast, savory salmon, venison backstrap and grilled pork chops.



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