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Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Swaddler

Kyte Baby Sleep Bag Swaddler

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The Kyte Baby sleep bag offers a stylish, gender-neutral sleep solution that gives you peace of mind and your baby a great night’s sleep. This best-selling sleep bag follows American Academy of Pediatrics safe sleep principles. This wearable blanket outperforms its rivals with a dual J-shaped zipper for easy changes and quilted fabric for baby’s comfort.

The rayon made from bamboo keeps this sleep bag soft and cozy and is gentle on sensitive and eczema-prone skin for your little one. The oat color invokes a soothing feeling that will have your little one drifting off to dreamland in no time. Additionally, its 1.0 TOG is perfect for when your baby’s room is between 69-73º F.

Enjoy better sleep for the whole family with the safe and soft Kyte Baby sleep bag.

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